How many cloth diapers do I need and wash and clean cloth diapers?

Cloth diapers are becoming the norm for a lot of mothers for two major reasons. Cloth diapers are reusable so they save a lot of cost. Imagine how much you will save if you use the same sets of cloth diapers for 2 years. You will even save more if you plan to have multiple children.   The second reason it is encouraged is its eco-friendliness. Since you will have to keep reusing your sets of cloth diapers, fewer diapers will be sent to the landfills. What a lot of people are not aware of is that washing cloth diapers is much easier and consumes less time to wash.

Types of cloth diapers There are several types of cloth diapers. You need to know the features of each type. It is not advisable to just select any type at random. Here are the popular types of cloth diapers.

Fitted cloth diapers This type of cloth diapers require waterproof covers. However, their major advantage is that they do not require folding and neither do they require any special fastener to remain firmly closed. They don’t offer one-size-fits-all benefit so you need to change them as your baby grows since they are available in different sizes.

Pre folds This is the oldest type of diapers and this is what comes to mind when people hear cloth diapers. This probably what your mom used for her babies. It is the cheapest type of cloth diapers. The major improvement on it is that instead of using pins, you can use snazzy diaper fasteners and they are now covered in waterproof covers.  All-in-one cloth diapers This is the most convenient type of cloth diapers. You won’t need to insert any cloth into cover. Both of them have been sewn together. So, it is super easy to use. However, it also has its drawback. It takes a longer time to dry. This will consume a lot of energy if you are using a drier. If you prefer to hang-dry them, it may not be an issue as you will already have enough on ground.

Pocket cloth diapers This type of diapers comes in two parts – the waterproof outer shell and the absorbent insert. While inserting and removing the inserts may take several minutes, the fact that your baby will use the same set till she gets potty-trained is a big tradeoff.

Hybrid cloth diaper This type of diapers offers a high level of flexibility. They come with a waterproof cover and two types of inserts-disposable insert or reusable cloth insert. They also come in one-size that fits all and individual sizes. The choice is completely yours.

How many cloth diapers do babies use? Having seen the advantages of cloth diapers and the types of diapers available in the market, the next question that may come to your mind is, how many cloth diapers do babies use in a day? This will give you the idea of how many diapers you will wash in a day. First off, you need to understand that the number will reduce as your baby grows.

For babies that are either 6 months old or below, they use 10-12 diapers in a day. That means, you will be washing 10-12 cloth diapers in a day if you wash daily. If you wash every two days, just multiply the figures by 2.   For babies that are within 6 and 12 months, prepare to wash 8-10 diapers on a daily basis.   Babies that are within the ages of 1 to 2 years will need 6-8 cloth diapers daily. The figures will reduce to 2-4 when your baby begins to learn how to use her potty.

How to wash cloth diapers Some diapers have washing instructions on them. You may have to follow that. However, here is a general guide on how to wash cloth diapers.  If diaper is stained with poop, you need to remove the poop with mini-shower first. Then you can toss every used diaper in a pail. It is better to wash them every day or every other day. This is because it is advisable not to wash more than 18 diapers at the same time. Because the diaper needs a lot of water, you have to use your washer’s highest water level.  After that, pre-rinse them with cold water and no detergent. It always better to use a regular hot water cycle with Tide. After washing, you can either dry them in the dryer or hang-dry them. It is believed that the latter makes diapers last a little longer.

There are several brands of cloth diapers in the market today but some of the best brands are OsoCozy Unbleached Prefolds, Lil Joey All-in-One cloth diapers, GroVia O.N.E, Smart Bottoms 3.1 Organic AIO, and Blueberry One Size Coveralls, just to mention a few.

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